About Casa Țărănească

Casa Țărănească, the first brand of products grown by Romanian farmers on Romanian soil was founded in 2003. Fresh, tasty vegetables at your table from the Dobrogea area, all year long!

In this way, we will continue to support those who are proud of the farming traditions of their farmers’ ancestors and, at the same time, we benefit from tasty vegetables and the best quality all year long. Casa Țărănească conquered the freezers but also the heart of our consumers who value quality local grown products, giving them a helping hand when running out of time. Whether you’re preparing a savory main course or a sweet dish, our products offer you a wide range of freshness, textures & flavors instantly quick frozen within 3 hours after harvest.

At Casa Țărănească, our main values are built on respecting the traditional Romanian taste and constantly caring for our consumers, by offering them quality products through high-performance and safe technologies. For us, the health of those who choose to use our products is our priority.

Now you do not have to worry anymore about food supplies in the cold season, because we come to your aid with frozen fruits and vegetables, regardless of the season and you have more time to develop your recipes!

Why choose the vegetables from Casa Țărănească?


The freezing process occurs in less than 3 hours from the harvest time.


No artificial additives are used


The ingredients are carefully selected


You do not have to use the entire content of a bag at once. You can portion it, depending on your needs and desires


Unlike fresh vegetables, Frozen vegetables do not lose their nutritional values due to long distance travel until they get to be in stores, where they can spend even a few days before being bought, Casa Țărănească frozen vegetables always look fresh.


Time saving products thanks to the washing, cleaning and cutting process.


Our vegetables and fruits conserve their high vitamin content.

They are nutritious

Our vegetables keep their high content of vitamins