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Vezi Toate Preparatele

The tastiest way to support Romanian farmers!

Since 2003, Casa Țărănească not only conquered the freezers of our consumers but also their heart. Who wouldn’t want local products grown with the hands and care of our farmers to give you a helping hand when running out of time. So, whether you’re preparing a savory main course or a sweet dish, our products offer you a wide range of freshness, textures & flavors, being frozen within 3 hours after being harvested.

With Casa Țărănească you enjoy

Quality and Freshness


Our main goal is the quality of our products. This is exactly why we make sure to harvest them at just the right time of their ripeness directly from the field to our freezing process.


With the help of state of the art technologies, our freshly harvested vegetables reach the production line in a maximum of 3 hours after harvest for an Instantly Quick Freezing process (IQF). This way we keep the taste, quality and freshness of products as their time of picking.


The packaging of Casa Țărănească products is done very carefully, by using ultra-modern technologies. This ensures that the flavor, texture, colors, and nutritional values of the vegetables are preserved.

With frozen vegetables from Casa Țărănească

It’s easy to be a chef at home

Using Casa Țărănească’s frozen vegetables and fruits the kitchen experience has definitely become more pleasant, and Romanian farmers will surely thank you. Main course or a sweet dish , our products are close for delicious, quick, and tasty dishes, regardless of the season!