Beef Salad

Video Recipe
Cooking instruction

Boil the beef in a pot of cold water. Heat over low heat, without boiling. Once the foam is formed, carefully removed it 3-4 times. In a liter of boiled water add the mixture of vegetables for the beef salad. After boiling, leave the beef to cool, then chop it into thin strips. Separately, make the mayonnaise, adding in a bowl the egg yolks, lemon juice, mustard, then oil.

The latter is added gradually until the composition begins to thicken. Separately, cut the pickles and let them drain in a colander. After the pickles have drained, we add them to a large bowl, along with the cooked vegetables, along with the beef. On top of all this, add mayonnaise and a tablespoon of mustard and mix to blend all the ingredients.


☑️ 1 kg vegetable mixture for beef salad
☑️ 1l of water
☑️ 300 gr beef
☑️ oil
☑️ eggs
☑️ lemon
☑️ salt and pepper
☑️ classic mustard
☑️ 4-5 pickles